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How to help

We can receive donations to the following account:  CLABE: 002240700547186066 Banamex in Mexico. Items such as blankets, clothing (2 months old to 15 year old sizes), kids toys, medicines and non- perishable food please send to the following address:  Sunrise Avenue 8410, La Mesa, California 91941. We also receive donations via PayPal 

All financial donations are disclose monthly, administered and distributed directly by our own staff to ensure the legitimacy of the funds' use and allocation.



Prices are in Mexican pesos. American dollars are in bold.

Calculations done per kid (60 minors reported in total) yearly unless specified differently depending on the need and use of each item


Tuna (8 cans) $369.  TOTAL $19,188 $952 us  

Chicken (6cans) 249  TOTAL $12,948 $643us

Tomato (8 cans) 189  TOTAL $9,828  $488us

Powder chocolate 2kg $199 TOTAL $10,348  $514us

Knorr 1.5 kg $149 monthly calc  TOTAL $1,788  $89us

Milk 12 lts $269. TOTAL $13,988 $694us

Nudle soup 20 pks $96 TOTAL  $4,992  $248us

Sugar 50 kg $1,200  monthly TOTAL $14,400  $715us

Cleaning items:

Dish soap $160 each. monthly TOTAL $8,320 $413us

Mop (12 pz) $649  monthly. TOTAL $7,788  $387us

Paper towels (216pk). TOTAL $12,499  $620us

Brums (12 pk) $1,220. TOTAL $14,640 $726us

School items:

Notebooks $45 each (one per minor) TOTAL $2,700  $134us

Pencils (9 pz) $28  (one per minor) TOTAL $1,680  $84us

Eraser & pencil sharpener pk $53.60 each pk (one per minor)  TOTAL $3,180 $158us


Mattress $999  (20 pz) TOTAL $19,980 $990us

Pillows $99 each. (20 pz) TOTAL $1,980  $99us

Bed sheets (2) 149. (one per minor). TOTAL $8,940 $444us


Towels $120 (one per minor) TOTAL $7,200 $358us

First aid kit $1,599 each. 0ne per shelter (2) TOTAL $3,198 $159us

Tooth paste (3 pz) $289. (one pk per minor) TOTAL $17,340 $860us

Tooth brush (8pz) $259. (one pk per minor) TOTAL $15,540 $771us

Diapers (126) $749. (6 months supply) TOTAL $15,540 $771 us

Body soap & wipes pk $59 each pk. (one er minor) TOTAL $7,080 $352us

Toilet paper (30 pk) $359. Two pk monthly TOTAL $8,616 $428us

Basic Furniture & kitchen ware:

Kids plastic table & 4 chairs $799 each pk. (15pk) TOTAL $11,985 $595us

Cutlery (5 ppl) $359. (one set per minor) TOTAL $4,308 $214us

Plastic plate & glass 119 (one set per minor) TOTAL $7,140 $355us


School enrollment $1200 (per minor preschool year) TOTAL $72,000  $3600us

Notebooks $45 each (one per minor) TOTAL $2,700  $134us

Pencils (9 pz) $28  (one per minor) TOTAL $1,680  $84us

Eraser & pencil sharpener pk $53.60 each pk (one per minor)  TOTAL $3,180 $158us

Uniforms $1070  (per kid, shoes, uniform, coat) TOTAL $64,200 $3210

School supplies (backpack, notebooks, pens, books) $560 per minor TOTAL $33,600 $1600us

Donations up to date August 23, 2019


Thank you Joan Hetch, Agnieszka Cieplinska and Mary Quinn-Herring 

total to date: 100US

spenditures: toiletries (tooth paste, tooth brushes and soaps)

Donation by the neighborhood coffee hosted by Expats in Queretaro on September 12 $2,570MXP spenditures (milk and one mattress)

Other donations

Monica Martinez and family


Cindee McHenry and Ana Raquel Valenzuela

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